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Part 1 - General ideas, suggestions, motivational quotes

These are the Ten specific Tasks that leading real estate salespeople do to succeed in real estate


General ideas, suggestions, motivational quotes

I attended an excellent real estate course recently that was very motivating and gave me great advice on how to continue to succeed in this real estate business.  The course talked about the ten tasks that leading real estate salespeople do to succeed in the real estate market.  I've summarized my notes that I took during the seminar along with some of my thoughts and ideas in a series of articles.  I hope you find this useful.

The information below will give you great insights and knowledge into how your real estate business should be conducted.  This was a training session that I attended, but it was very inspiring and could apply to any type of sales person.

I hope that you find the ten segments and Chapters of information as educational and informative as I did.

I wish you and your family All the Best!


Ten specific Tasks that leading real estate salespeople do to succeed in real estate

These are the ten sections contained in this series of articles to help you succeed in real estate:


These are some of the notes that I took during the recent seminar along with my general thoughts on helping you in the real estate business.  I am sure you will find them enlightening if not helpful!

PART 1 - General ideas, suggestions, motivational quotes

There are a couple of quotes that summarize everything

A rising tide raises all boats JFK
When the tide goes out it will reveal all the naked - Warren Buffet

Meaning in good times all is good and all make money, when the market drops and the economy weakens the weak are revealed

Another item that is obvious to me is that "In real estate we must talk to strangers" and this holds true in any sales job, if you don't like to speak with strangers then maybe a non sales career is the path you should choose!

Don't major in the minors - do the tasks that generates leads, you must prospect

Create a war chest that allows you to stand out from the rest, a recognizable brand in your area, my website is my war chest, it's filled with every (almost) conceivable item that a buyer or seller would want to know and use when buying or selling their home

Environment of abundance by generating opportunities, have you ever made a mistake
Create a value proposition

Make sure you have a Web presence

Make sure your marketing attracts people you want to do business with

Who moved the cheese - this is a great book to read

Inventory drops, anyone who takes time from their busy schedule to see homes during the holidays then they are serious less apt to negotiate, less inventory now versus january then it's better to deal with the high quality people now versus the tougher time to sell in January, so let's do it

If we see the right house today would you buy it?  This is a good question for buyers before you get into the car, it's an honest question and this will save you much time in the long run, and save the buyers time too, since there may be issues that they should deal with, such as financing, before they go looking at homes

Prospecting, marketing, list to last, psychology of sales, objection handling, qualifying buyers, business planning, time management, attitude control, these are the key ingredients to success

Thomas the Train, "I think I can" Positive Attitude - if we think we can!

We trade a piece of our life for exchange in value, either we demonstrate our value we get business, if we don't let people take advantage of our time then we will be successful

If you Fail to plan, then you plan to fail

YOU Must be willing to step up

The more fun you have the more people you meet who are like minded and the more successful you will be, this holds true in anything in your life.

There are people we could call "Emotional vampires", they suck the good emotions and positive energy out of you, they are worried and negative, stay away from them as much as possible at the office and in your life.

Goals, acronym is SMART - Specific, Manageable, Achievable, Relevant and Time based

When you are in control of your business you are in control of your life, otherwise you will flame out

Real estate will enable you to have a great life

CRM - Client Retention Management - Top Producer is a great follow up system

Communicate your value proposition to your client, you better have one or you are doomed

You can't steal second base with your foot on first

It's takes a good captain to sail a ship during a storm

Technology of today only enhances the fundamentals of yesterday

Buyers - work closely with them, close for an appointment and get buyer agency signed - you are a professional and this is how professionals work, they get a commitment and then you commit to the client

This is a performance based business, you have to get the signatures to get paid, this is a very competitive business

It's my job to take your business away from you, I will do everything I can to get the listing over you and if you don't get the business and I do, this means that you just weren't good enough, figure out adjustments to make and just do it

Leverage your relationships-build the relationship first and then the business will come

So if I do a good job and sell your house quick you want to pay me less, so if we take a long time you'll pay me more?

Take the information and make it yours and regurgitate it in your own words, phrases and make it your being, just like I have written these words on this page and all the other pages of my site, it's all what I am, who I am and what my mind and body think and do on a regular and constant basis - I have a saying that I heard and wrote a long time ago on a post it that is tacked to my wall in my office and it simply states "I am a well trained sales assassin" I really like that phrase because sales is my life, sales is your life, sales is everyone's life.  Think about it, everything you do every day of your life involves selling your ideas, your values, your thoughts and ideas to everyone you meet.  If you are weak and don't stand up for your values and what you want, then you will not achieve those things.  If you stand up for everything you believe in and convince people around you that your way is the truth, the honest way and a good way of doing things you will be successful in life.  That's not to say that there are not better ways of doing things out there or that others don't have great and superior methods to your methods, by all means listen to other people and if you hear a good idea, put it into your vault of ideas and use it.  This will make you a sales assassin. 

Routine becomes habit which becomes success - there is no room for failure

"The attempt will get you further than the technique" this is a great one, just go and try and do it, that will take you much further than learning great techniques and not doing anything with them

People don't care what you know, they want to know that you care!!!!  Help people and be sincere and you will succeed.

People love to be complimented, but make sure it's sincere and warranted, be sincere.

You can't kick a puppy - be nice to people and they can't be mean to you

If you rush right into business they'll be suspicious and cautious, small talk is key to life, that's why I could walk into a room and get the girl, I was able to make small talk and all small talk is you will learn is 'asking questions' that's all it is.  I am naturally curious, ask lots of questions and find out tons of information from people that I put into my vault and then become a sales assassin in life!  This is the truth, my truth!

Show them an agenda for the evening, have a plan and be organized

Features, marketing presentation, pricing portion, standard forms, you're going to make a decision and you'll determine if you want to do business with me and I'll decide if I want to help you

The public will pay what the public will pay, no magic especially in this market, it's only the price, that's it

Sales is a chess game - think before you speak or act


Do the card game - go to the card alternative, whenever she doesn't answer the way you want you direct them to what you want and then you will get to the 'secret' card that you have already written.

"Drive till they buy" I don't really like this one, but some real estate agents will tell you that they have done this sometimes with clients!

If commission is threatened it means you have not communicated your value proposition effectively enough or you don't have enough prospects to be able to walk away.  I'm not saying don't be flexible, I'm just saying that you better have that chest of ammunition and your unique reason why they should use your services ahead of time or you are done in this business and you will only be able to compete on price, not value!

In a nutshell, this is one of those nuggets that not many people tell or teach you, but this is what real estate and any business is all about.  Master these items and tasks below and you shall succeed:

Lead generation
Maximize referrals
Harness internet
Marketing to stand out
Psychology of sales
Listing presentations
Pricing strategies
Objection handling
Dialogues and scripts
Budgets and tracking
Business planning
Building systems
Time management


Next Chapter is

PART 2 - Business Planning for your Real Estate Business

The next chapter in this series will teach you the next step in expanding your business, read next chapter next page




The information contained on this page and this series of articles designed to help you succeed in real estate will give you great insights and knowledge into how your real estate business should be conducted. 

(C) Copyright General ideas, suggestions, motivational quotes All Rights Reserved

This page has dealt with real estate sales information, I hope you have found it useful.




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Ten specific Tasks that leading real estate salespeople do to succeed in Real Estate:

Part 1 - General ideas, suggestions, motivational quotes
Part 2 - Business Planning for your Real Estate Business
Part 3 - Prospecting for your real estate business
Part 4 - Increasing Your Prospect Base
Part 5 - You must List to Last for the long term in this business
Part 6 - Set High Listing Standards
Part 7 - Marketing yourself to prove to the clients that you are worth it
Part 8 - Real Estate Marketing 101
Part 9 - Concerns and Objection Handling
Part 10 - Time Management



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