Avoiding New Home Purchase Surprises

Avoiding New Home Surprises – In the article below, you will learn many insights and items to consider when you are thinking about buying a New Home from a builder.  A Builder’s offer (such as Mattamy Homes, Daniel’s Homes, Great Gulf Homes, Greenpark Homes, H&R Homes can conceal surprises – Enjoy, Mark

” Builder offers can conceal surprises – Make sure your lawyer thoroughly reviews your offer from the builder”

 Example of a Luxury Power of Sale Property   Example of a Rural Power of Sale Property   Example of a Mississauga Luxury Property Forecosure Property for Sale   Another type of Power of Sale Property along Mississauga Road in the GTA
You will find that there are many types of the power of sale and foreclosure homes in Mississauga and surrounding areas.  The homes pictured above are similar to many home styles that you will find here in Mississauga and just outside of the GTA.  Let me show you how you can find these types of Power of Sale homes and show you how you can afford to move up to your dream home.  Please email me at mark@mississauga4sale.com  Or, you may use this form to sign up to my POS newsletter.
You will find that there are many types of the power of sale and foreclosure homes in Mississauga and surrounding areas.  The homes pictured above are similar to many home styles that you will find here in Mississauga and just outside of the GTA.  Let me show you how you can find these types of Power of Sale homes and show you how you can afford to move up to your dream home.  Please email me at mark@mississauga4sale.com  Or, you may use this form to sign up to my POS newsletter.

Should I buy a resale or new home? 

Despite good advice from lawyers, real estate agents and the Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association, a significant number of new home and condominium buyers never get their agreements of purchase and sale reviewed by a lawyer before they become firm and binding, you really should!

  • Those who don’t have the complicated document vetted in advance usually go into the transaction blindly unaware of the complexities of the deal. As well, they expose themselves to the small print in the offers, which often brings some very unpleasant surprises on closing day.
  • Unfortunately for home buyers, the standard form purchase agreements of many, but not all, builders have new traps and legal land mines that impose significant and unexpected costs and risks on buyers. These increasingly sophisticated agreements continue to eat away at the protections that buyers of new homes have every right to expect.
Tridel In Erin Mills Mississauga
Churchill Meadows In Erin Mills Mississauga
These are the different builders that you will find in the neighbourhoods of Churchill Meadows of Mississauga
  • Based on communications with my legal colleagues, I’m not the only real estate lawyer who feels this way. Recently, I received a letter from Pierre Marchildon, who practices real estate law in the city’s west end. Under the heading “outrageous adjustment by builder,” Marchildon wrote to complain about an agreement of purchase and sale used by a home builder in Mississauga.
  • Buried in the middle of a solid block of tiny type explaining the protection of the Ontario New Home Warranty is the standard requirement for the purchaser to meet with a builder representative just before closing to complete the usual pre-delivery inspection. Then comes this zinger: “On closing, the purchaser shall pay a pre-delivery inspection fee of $225.”
  • Marchildon was incensed when he saw this clause. “It is offensive to me,” he wrote, “that a charge of this nature should be foisted upon a purchaser for completing a document which the vendor has a statutory obligation to provide.
  • “Put another way,” he added, “the purchaser is paying to list the vendor’s building deficiencies outstanding at the time of closing on a new house purchase.”
  • Marchildon’s clients were not warned about this or the other extras in the agreement in the sales office.
  • As offensive as this extra is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hidden costs in builder offers. In general, I have no objection to builders recovering their costs and profits from home buyers. The issue is one of disclosure and honesty in the sales offices. Based on my discussions with many other real estate lawyers, it’s obvious that in most cases, the extras are simply never explained or set out separately and clearly so that buyers will know the full cost of the home or condo before they leave the sales office.
Mattamy in Churchill Meadows In Erin Mills Mississauga
Townwood Homes Churchill Meadows In Erin Mills Mississauga
These are the different builders that you will find in the neighbourhoods of Churchill Meadows of Mississauga


In my experience, some of the common extras that are almost never clarified in the sales offices are:

  • The premium the builder pays for the Ontario New Home Warranty coverage.
  • A $25 charge for negotiating each deposit cheque.
  • $267.50 in builder’s legal fees for negotiating any changes to the offer.
  • The legal fees involved with holding the buyer’s deposit in trust prior to closing.
  • The builder’s legal fees to pay off and discharge any construction financing.
  • The cost of excess deposit insurance where the deposit exceeds $20,000.
  • New taxes or levies imposed by any level of government.
  • Increases in existing levies or development charges imposed after the offer is signed.
  • All or part of any municipal development charges or levies.
  • Meters and connection charges for gas, hydro and water.
  • Provincial sales tax on included appliances.
  • Sewer “impost charges” (taxes to fund the city’s sewer system).
  • Several petty charges, like the $25 cost of carbon monoxide detectors and the Law Society’s $53.50 transaction levy.
  • Although not every offer contains all of these extras, even some of them could amount to thousands of dollars, and yet they are buried in tiny type and often scattered throughout the document.
  • But extra costs are just the beginning of the traps for the unwary. Purchasers should be aware that typical builder offers contain either dangerous clauses or gaping loopholes exposing them to some or all of the following:


Other Items to be aware of:

  • Any verbal promises or representations made in the sales office are not part of the offer.
  • The builder has the absolute right to change the floor plans and the exterior look of the house without the buyer’s permission.
  • Any representation of square footage is usually based on exterior measurements, not room sizes.
  • Square footage may be changed without any recourse by the buyer.
  • Purchasers cannot obtain copies of architect drawings; the tiny sketches attached to the offers are subject to change.
  • Furnaces are not included in many new homes; some builders require purchasers to lease them.
  • Home purchasers are usually unable to obtain builder assurances that hydro transformer vaults will not be placed on their front lawns.
  • There is no guarantee on views or sightlines (this one is contained in the offers in a downtown Toronto high-rise condo marketed largely on promises of location and view).
  • Appliances may be supplied but not connected Ñ one builder just dumps them in the garage.
  • One of the most offensive of all clauses is the omission of any unconditional builder obligation to provide clear title to purchasers by discharging the construction financing after closing.
  • A common weasel clause only requires builder lawyers to promise to register discharges of construction financing after closing when they receive the discharges. If they never receive the discharges or something goes awry along the way, the builder and their lawyers are off the hook.
  • To me, the second most offensive clause is a very common one in new home offers. It is usually found on the extras sheet, which is marked as a “request” for extras and upgrades, but does not obligate the builder in any way to build or install the extras. If the extras are included in the purchase price at no charge and the builder omits them when the house is complete, there is no recourse and no refund.

Here are four recommendations on how to survive the battle of the sales office:

  • Ask the sales staff to write down and sign any promises or representations they make to you.
  • Ask for an itemized, written list of extra costs. Walk out if you can’t get it.
  • Ensure that the extras and upgrades are unconditionally included, not merely requested.
  • Make sure, in writing, that the appliances will be installed.

And during the conditional period, always have your lawyer review the agreement of purchase and sale line by line and give you a written memo of the red flags it contains. This is the best way to avoid nasty surprises on closing day.

Written by: Bob Aaron


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Harris, Sheaffer LLP Service and Professional 1992

Havenbrook Development Group Builder/Developer 2002

HBR Building Supplies Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Head + Varvas Agency Inc. Service and Professional 1984

Healthy Body Now Sub-Contractor 1999

Hearth Technologies Toronto Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Heathwood Group of Companies, The Builder/Developer 1979

Helyar & Associates Service and Professional 1993

HGC Engineering Service and Professional 1999

Highcastle Homes Builder/Developer 2002

Highgate Homes Renovator 2000

Hilton Disposal & Demolition Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1998

Hi-Rise Group, The Builder/Developer 2000

HMC Internet Solutions Service and Professional 2002

Holman Communications Inc. Service and Professional 1996

Home Again Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Home Depot Canada, The Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

Home Editions Ltd. Renovator 2000

Home Envisions Inc. Renovator 1998

Home Improvement Contractors Renovator 2000

Homelife / Aurora Realty Ltd. Service and Professional 1986

Homelife / Metropark Realty Inc. Service and Professional 1998

Homelife New World Realty Inc. Service and Professional 2001

Homelife Realty One Ltd. Service and Professional 2000

Homelife/Bayview Realty Inc. Service and Professional 1998

Homes Magazine Service and Professional 1985

Homespring, A Division of Zenon Environmental Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Hughes Roof Truss Co. Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1989

Hunt Design Associates Service and Professional 1998

Hyde Park Homes Limited Builder/Developer 2002

Hyde Park Properties Inc. Builder/Developer 2000

Ian’s Contracting Renovator 1996

IBI Group Service and Professional 1978

Ideal Paints Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1996

Ideal Railings Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1988

IKO Home Improvements Inc. Sub-Contractor 2000

Imaging Excellence Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Inaugural Source Inc. Builder/Developer 1998

Incredible Printing Co. Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

Industrial Electrical Contractors Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1993

Ingleton Contracting Limited Renovator 2000

Inseal Contracting Inc. Sub-Contractor 1987

In-Sink-Erator (Canada) Manufacturer/Supplier 1983

InSite Realty Corp. Service and Professional 2000

Insurance Management Inc. Service and Professional 2002

Interfinance Mortgage Merchants Inc. Financial Services 1999

International Home Marketing Group Service and Professional 1994

Intracorp Developments Builder/Developer 1995

Intraurban Projects Builder/Developer 1977

Intrigued by Design Service and Professional 1997

Investments Hardware Limited (IHL) Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Invidiata Homes Builder/Developer 1997

ITW Paslode Manufacturer/Supplier 1992

J.D. Barnes Limited Service and Professional 1989

J.J. Home Products Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1978

Jackson & Associates Inc. Renovator 1998

Jackson Roofing (368757 Ontario Limited) Sub-Contractor 1979

Jager Building Systems Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

James Hardie Building Products Canada Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Jamieson Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1999

Jardin Design Group Inc. Service and Professional 1968

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Ltd. Service and Professional 1998

JBS Graphic Communications Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Jentry Construction Limited Sub-Contractor 1983

J-G Cordone Investments Limited Service and Professional 2002

Jing Tuo Painting & Decorating Sub-Contractor 2001

John Hardy Design Build Renovator 2001

Josh Construction Renovator 1988

Jourdan Group Inc. Builder/Developer 1989

JPI Services, ULC Builder/Developer 2002

JV Building Supply Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

K.H. Davis Consulting Ltd. Service and Professional 2002

Kaitlin Group Ltd., The Builder/Developer 1991

Kaneff Properties Limited Builder/Developer 1959

Karvon Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1993

Kates Advertising Limited Service and Professional 1971

Kaycan Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

Kellner Fine Homes Renovator 1997

Kennedy Group, The Service and Professional 1995

Kennedy Masonry Co. Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1996

Keystone Home Products Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

Kindred Industries Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1965

King Hydroseeding & Sodding Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2002

Kinnear Industries Corp. Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1995

Kirkor Architects & Planners Service and Professional 2002

Kitchens by Claudio Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

KLM Planning Partners Inc. Service and Professional 1994

KMK Consultants Limited Service and Professional 1976

KML Engineered Homes Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Koch Waterproofing Solutions Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

Kohler Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1986

Kolter Property Company Builder/Developer 2001

KOMANDOR Closets & Doors Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Koskie Minsky Service and Professional 1993

Kott Lumber Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

KPMG Service and Professional 1980

Krcmar Surveyors Ltd. Service and Professional 2001

Kwik-Kopy Printing Manufacturer/Supplier 1993

L & A Group of Companies Builder/Developer 1995

L.H. Lind Realty Inc. Service and Professional 2002

L.J. Post Construction Ltd. Renovator 1994

LA Ads Inc. Service and Professional 1996

Lakeshore Group, The Service and Professional 2002

Lakeview Homes Builder/Developer 1997

Lan Data Systems Inc. Service and Professional 1999

Lancia Tile Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2001

Landmark Building Group Builder/Developer 1999

Lanterna Group Ltd. Builder/Developer 1981

Laurentian Bank of Canada Financial Services 1998

Laurier Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1974

Lawlor & Company, Marketing & Communications Limited Service and Professional

Lawrence Construction Co. Limited Builder/Developer 1951

Leader Plumbing & Heating Inc. Sub-Contractor 2000

Lebovic Enterprises Builder/Developer 1969

Lee Development Corporation Builder/Developer 1994

Legend Creek Homes Builder/Developer 2002

Legend Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 2001

Legnotech Group Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Len Pack Construction Corp. Builder/Developer 1988

Lennox Hearth Products Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Lennox Industries (Canada) Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1955

Leon’s Insulation Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1995

Leviton Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Lexis-Bayview Developments Builder/Developer 1992

Liberty Development Corporation Builder/Developer 2000

Lido Wall Systems Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Lifetime Homes (1037411 Ontario Inc.) Builder/Developer 1995

Liftec Slabjacking Inc. Sub-Contractor 2002

Lio & Associates Service and Professional 1988

Lipton, Wiseman, Altbaum & Partners LLP Service and Professional 1994

Liza Homes Builder/Developer 1995

Loan Control Services Limited Service and Professional 1997

Longo Development Corporation Builder/Developer 1994

Lormel Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1999

Louis Cheung Architect Inc. Service and Professional 2000

LSJ Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1995

Lynda J. Townsend Renaud Law Office Service and Professional 2001

Lyon Consultants Ltd., N. Barry Service and Professional 1984

M.E. Nevins Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2000

M.P. Vito Building Ltd. Renovator 2000

Maax Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

MacGowan & White Contracting Ltd. Renovator 1999

MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson Planning Limited Service and Professional

MacPherson Builders Limited Builder/Developer 1995

Madar, S.A., Account Manager Service and Professional 1995

Madawaska Doors Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1985

Madhouse Designs Service and Professional 2002

Madison Homes Builder/Developer 1994

Magic Windows k/a Canadian Thermo Windows Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Magnum Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1996

Main Lumber Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Mainway Insurance Brokers Limited Service and Professional 1990

Malcolm Griffin Contracting Renovator 2002

Manorbrook Homes Builder/Developer 2001

Manspower Construction Co. Ltd. Renovator 2002

Mansteel Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1995

Map Realty Ltd. Builder/Developer 1999

Maple Group, The Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Maple Lane Lands & Development Co. Ltd. Builder/Developer 1989

Maple Ridge Property Management Service and Professional 1997

Maplewood Carpentry Inc. Sub-Contractor 1995

Marble Trend Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1985

Marbrook Homes (Westcon Holdings Inc.) Builder/Developer 2002

Marciano Doors & Trim Co. Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1976

Markay Developments Builder/Developer 1996

Market Partners Communications & Design Inc. Service and Professional 1992

Market Point Development Corp. Builder/Developer 2002

Marketvision Real Estate Corporation Service and Professional 1994

Mark-Land Enterprises Service and Professional 2000

Marli Mechanical Contractors Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2002

Marov Enterprises Ltd. Builder/Developer 2000

Marshall & Swift / Boeckh Canada Service and Professional 1983

Marshall Homes Corporation Builder/Developer 1995

Marshall-Knight Developments Inc. Builder/Developer 2002

Mary McDonough Research Associates Service and Professional 2000

MaryDel Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1998

Maryland Estates Limited Builder/Developer 1999

Mason Homes Builder/Developer 1975

Mason Windows Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1966

Masonry Contractors’ Association of Toronto Service and Professional 2001

Masters Insurance Ltd. Service and Professional 2002

Matec Services Company Sub-Contractor 2002

Mattamy Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1983

Max & Co. Development Inc. Builder/Developer 2000

Mazzucco, A. Construction Renovator 1974

MCAP Financial Corporation Financial Services 1986

McBrain Sharp Marketing & Communications Service and Professional 1976

McCabe Promotional Advertising Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

McCague Construction / Renovating Toronto Renovator 1993

McCarthy Tetrault Service and Professional 1999

MCF Forming Contractors Inc. Sub-Contractor 2002

McLean Architectural Technologies Inc. Service and Professional 2002

McMillan, Binch LLP Service and Professional 1996

Media Vision International Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Medi-Group Masonry Limited Sub-Contractor 1988

Melody Homes Corp. Builder/Developer 1989

Melrose Investments Inc. Builder/Developer 2002

Men At Work General Contractors Ltd. Renovator 1994

Menkes Developments Ltd. Builder/Developer 1965

Metro Tub Repair Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1999

Metropolitan Sheet Metal Limited Sub-Contractor 1959

Meyer Wassenaar & Banach Service and Professional 2000

Mid Park Construction Limited Builder/Developer 1979

Midhaven Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1999

Midnorthern Appliance, A Division of TBWC Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

Milborne Real Estate Inc. Service and Professional 1998

Millenium Construction Development Inc. Sub-Contractor 2001

Miller Thomson LLP Service and Professional 2000

Millway Lumber Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

Ming Pao Newspapers (Canada) Ltd. Service and Professional 1995

MintoUrban Communities Inc. Builder/Developer 1989

Mississauga News – New Homes Service and Professional 2002

Model Interiors By Barbara Rudberg Service and Professional 1997

Model Railings and Ironworks Inc. Sub-Contractor 1959

Moen Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1973

Mohr, Fred Construction Inc. Sub-Contractor 1977

Moldenhauer Developments Builder/Developer 2002

Monarch Construction Limited Builder/Developer 1956

Monmar Developments Ltd. Builder/Developer 1990

Montana Steele Advertising Service and Professional 1993

Monterra Contracting Sub-Contractor 2000

Montgomery by Mantella, The (1308684 Ontario Limited) Builder/Developer 2000

Montwest Air Inc. Sub-Contractor 1995

Morguard Residential Inc. Builder/Developer 1954

Mr. Marble O/A 645026 Ontario Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1989

MTC Leasing Inc. Service and Professional 2002

Muhr & Associates Ltd. Service and Professional 1998

Munge//Leung: Design Associates Service and Professional 2001

Murray & Company Holdings Limited Financial Services 1998

Mutual Gain Inc. Service and Professional 1997

N. De Luca Plumbing (1995) Inc. Sub-Contractor 1996

Namara Developments Ltd. Builder/Developer 1999

Narvec Construction Limited Design/Build Renovator 1992

National Fireplaces & Facings Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1988

National Form Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

National Golf Time Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

National Homes Builder/Developer 1992

National Post Service and Professional 1998

Nelmar Drywall Company Limited Sub-Contractor 1985

Neotekton Limited Design Build Builder/Developer 1997

Network Tile Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1997

New Age Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1993

New Century Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1998

New Home Buyers Network Inc. Service and Professional 1997

New Home Services Inc. Service and Professional 2000

New Homes & Condos For Sale Service and Professional 1993

New Wolseley Plumbing Group Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Newco Prefab Corporation Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1982

Newmar Window Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1993

NEWSTAR Service and Professional 2002

Nexxt Development Corporation Builder/Developer 1999

Noik Group, The Builder/Developer 1997

Norcliffe Homes Limited Builder/Developer 2000

Norman Hill Realty Inc. Service and Professional 1980

Norman Lipson, Barrister & Solicitor Service and Professional 2000

Normerica Authentic Post & Beam Homes Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Norstar Building Corporation Builder/Developer 1998

North Star Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1990

North York Tile Contractors Limited Sub-Contractor 1974

Northern Edge Construction Services Ltd. Renovator 1997

Northern Heritage Limited Builder/Developer 2002

Nortown Plumbing Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2001

Notting Hill Developments Inc./Westwing Construction Group Inc. Builder/Developer

Noveon Inc./Flowguard Gold Pipe & Fittings Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Oakcrest Woodwork Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Oakdale Kitchens Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Oakridge Custom Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 2002

Oakville Beaver, The & Burlington Post Service and Professional 1997

O’Keefe and Associates Limited Service and Professional 2001

Old Paisley Estates Inc. Builder/Developer 2001

Olympia Tile International Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Omega Lift Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Ontario Concrete & Drain Contractors Association Service and Professional

Ontario Gas Heating & Air Conditioning Sub-Contractor 1999

Ontario New Home Warranty Program Service and Professional 1993

Ontario Screen Systems Inc./Phantom Screens Manufacturer/Supplier 1995

Options For Homes Non-Profit Corporation Service and Professional 1998

Oran Corporation Builder/Developer 1994

Orchard Ridge Homes Builder/Developer 1995

Orchid Valley Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1999

Organized Interiors by McDoors & Closets Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Orta Forming & Construction Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1986

Owens, Wright Service and Professional 2000

Owens-Corning Canada Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1981

Oxford Homes Builder/Developer 1995

Ozz Corporation Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

P. Salna Company Ltd. Service and Professional 1998

P.J. Renovations Renovator 1996

Pacific Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1989

Panigas Group of Companies Manufacturer/Supplier 2003

Paradise Homes Corp. Builder/Developer 1972

Paragon Drywall Contractors Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1973

Paris Kitchens Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Parsons Precast Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1989

Partnership Marketing Service and Professional 1995

Patene Building Supplies Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1986

Patrician Homes Limited Builder/Developer 2000

Paul Morra Projects Inc. Renovator 1997

Paulo & Jason Contractors Inc. Renovator 2000

Payne & Associates Advertising Service and Professional 2002

PCM Construction Inc. Builder/Developer 1999

PDA Architects Service and Professional 1995

Peak Garden Developments Inc. Builder/Developer 1994

Peel Living (PNPHC) Service and Professional 1985

Peel Lumber Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Pelican Woodcliff Inc. Service and Professional 1998

Penegal Trim & Supply Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1985

Pennox Express Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Penwest Developments Limited Builder/Developer 1972

Perma Tint Limited Sub-Contractor 2001

Permaglo Lighting Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Perma-Wood Solariums and Additions (1025722 Ontario Inc.) Renovator 1994

Petrela, Winter & Associates Service and Professional 1999

Philmor Developments Limited Builder/Developer 1994

Picco Engineering a Division of 688214 Ontario Ltd. Service and Professional

Pikes Tent & Awning Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Pina Grella, Barrister & Solicitor Service and Professional 1998

Pine Ridge Cont. Renovator 2000

Pinevest Developments Limited Builder/Developer 1993

Pinnacle Fireplaces & Facings Sub-Contractor 1998

Plasti-Fab, Division of PFB Corporation Manufacturer/Supplier 1992

Plastina Investments Limited Sub-Contractor 1976

Plazacorp Investments Limited Builder/Developer 2000

Plywood & Trim Company Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 2003

PMA Brethour Group Service and Professional 1965

Poirier & Brightling Communications Service and Professional 1988

Pollard Windows Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1975

Porto Italia Masonry Sub-Contractor 1994

Precise Visions Service and Professional 2002

Premier Custom Builders Ltd. Renovator 2002

Presidential Management Corporation Builder/Developer 1982

Prestonvale Heights Limited Builder/Developer 1993

Previn Court Homes Builder/Developer 1986

Prima Air Limited Sub-Contractor 1998

Primont Homes Corporation Builder/Developer 1992

Prince Bay Developments Inc. Renovator 2001

Print Three Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Pro Air Duct Cleaning Sub-Contractor 1998

Pro Source Wholesale Floor Coverings Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Pro Source Wholesale Floor Coverings G.T.A. West Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

ProBuilt Homes Div. Upshall Group of Inc . Renovator 1997

Professional Choice Cleaning Services Inc. Sub-Contractor 2002

Proforma Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Promark Aluminum Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1992

Proof Positive Real Estate Research Service and Professional 1995

Prospect’in Sales Tracking Technology Inc. Service and Professional 2001

Proto Electric Contr. Inc. Sub-Contractor 1998

Prudential Elite Realty Service and Professional 1997

Quadrangle Architects Limited Service and Professional 1981

Quality Rugs of Canada Limited Sub-Contractor 1976

Quality Tops & Kitchens Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Queenscorp Group Builder/Developer 2002

Queensgate Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1992

Quest Financial Group Service and Professional 2001

R & A Cabinetry & Construction Renovator 2002

R & D Energy Savers Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Ragno Electric Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2000

Railing Excellence Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Rainbow Tarping & General Contracting Sub-Contractor 2000

Ramtin Sotoadeh Homes Ltd./LSI Engineering Builder/Developer 2002

Ravensbrook Homes Inc./ Ravensbrook Homes (KW) Ltd. Builder/Developer 1998

Raywal Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1957

RBC Royal Bank Financial Services 1972

RDJ Planning Consultants Inc. Service and Professional 2001

Real Estate Book, The – Cambridge & Brantford Service and Professional 2001

Real Estate News (Subsidiary of The Toronto Star) Service and Professional 1997

RealNet Canada Inc. Service and Professional 1994

RealProperty Transaction Centres Inc. Service and Professional 2001

Realtysellers Service and Professional 2001

Regal Crest Homes Builder/Developer 1967

RegalCraft Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 2001

Regency Drywall & Acoustic Systems Inc. Sub-Contractor 2000

Regency Heights Homes Builder/Developer 1995

Reliable Painters & Decorators Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1998

Reliance Windows Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1984

Remington Homes Builder/Developer 1992

Renaissance Nouveau Design Inc. Service and Professional 2001

Renex Custom Builders Inc. Renovator 1993

Reno King Contracting Ltd. Renovator 1997

Reno Quality Corporation Service and Professional 2002

Rent A Hubby Renovator 1997

Repla Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Reprodux Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1996

Residential Framing Contractors Association of Metro Toronto/Vicinity Inc. Service
and Professional 1992

Rexdale Brick Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Rheem Canada Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Richelieu Hardware Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Richpark Developments Builder/Developer 2002

Richter Service and Professional 2001

Richvale York Block Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

Riklis Construction Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2000

Ristic Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1998

River Oaks Homes Builder/Developer 1978

Riverfield Homes Builder/Developer 1990

Rivermill Homes Builder/Developer 2002

RM Design & Communication Service and Professional 2002

RN Design Ltd. Service and Professional 1993

Robins, Appleby & Taub Service and Professional 1997

Rockett Lumber & Building Supplies Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1965

Rockport Group, The Builder/Developer 1962

Roderick Schuller Construction Sub-Contractor 2002

Rogers AT&T Wireless Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Rogers Cable Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Rogers Cable Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Rogers Cable Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Rogers Cable-Central Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

Romspen Investment Corporation Financial Services 2002

Rona/Lansing Manufacturer/Supplier 1952

Roni Excavating Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1992

Rose Corporation, The Financial Services 1998

Rose Valley Homes Builder/Developer 1998

Rosehaven Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1992

Ross Fine Homes Renovator 1981

Rotenberg – Barristers Service and Professional 1998

Rowan Hardwood Floors Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Roxland Building Corporation Builder/Developer 2002

Royal Building System (Cdn) Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1992

Royal Danish Consulate General Service and Professional 2002

Royal Home Improvements Renovator 1997

Royal Lane Homes Builder/Developer 2000

Royal LePage Commercial Inc. Realtor – Land Sales & Development Div. Service
and Professional 1975

Royal Lighting Manufacturer/Supplier 1996

Royal Park Homes Builder/Developer 1986

Royal Pine Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1985

Royal Town Homes Builder/Developer 2002

Rulestone Renovations Inc. Renovator 1991

Ryegate Capital Corporation Builder/Developer 1999

S. Barbieri Cement Finish Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2000

S. Breda & Associates Ltd. Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors Sub-Contractor

S.C. Land Management Corporation Service and Professional 2002

Saberwood Homes (1250259 Ontario Inc.) Builder/Developer 1998

Sacco Steel Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1985

Sacks Partnership, The Service and Professional 1996

Saddlebrook Construction Inc. Builder/Developer 1999

Salesfax Marketing Group Service and Professional 1991

Salisbury Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1995

SandCherry Homes Builder/Developer 1993

Sandgate Construction Inc. Renovator 1991

Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1952

Sauder Trufit/Moulding & Millwork Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Schickedanz Brothers Limited Builder/Developer 1958

Schluter Systems (Canada) Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Schneider Canada Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Schwank Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Schwarz Gillen Service and Professional 1997

Scotia McLeod Service and Professional 1994

Scotia Mortgage Corporation Financial Services 1972

Scottsdale Contracting Inc. Builder/Developer 2002

Sears Home Security/Home Protection Plus Sub-Contractor 2003

Second Story Design Build Construction Ltd. Renovator 2001

Secure At Ease Inc. – ADT Sub-Contractor 2001

Senator Homes Builder/Developer 1983

Sensational Signs Company Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Sernas Associates Service and Professional 1983

Shelving Outlet Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Sherwood Custom Homes Inc. Renovator 2002

Sheryl Erenberg and Associates Service and Professional 2002

Shipp Corporation Limited Builder/Developer 1923

Shipway Stairs Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

Shiu Pong Group Limited Builder/Developer 2000

Shouldice Designer Stone Manufacturer/Supplier 1996

Siematic Canada Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

Sierra Home Inc. Builder/Developer 1998

Silver Carpentry Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1984

Silverland Homes and Development Inc. Builder/Developer 2001

Skilling & Associates Service and Professional 1996

Sky Homes Corporation Builder/Developer 1985

Softwire Solutions Inc. Sub-Contractor 2001

Solar Corporation Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Solid Countertop Specialists Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Solid Image Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Solmar Homes Builder/Developer 1993

Solo Electric Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2001

Solursh Feldman & Partners Service and Professional 1995

Somerlyn Trim & Doors Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

Somerset Homes Builder/Developer 1986

Soprema Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Spalding, K. Construction Inc. Renovator 1996

Spectrum Realty Services Inc. Service and Professional 1994

Splash Painting Contractors Sub-Contractor 2002

Spring Town Homes Builder/Developer 1984

Springhill Development Corp Builder/Developer 2001

Spruce Tree Resorts Inc. Builder/Developer 2001

St. Paul Guarantee Insurance Company Financial Services 1993

Stafford Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 2000

Stanford Design of Canada Ltd. Service and Professional 2002

Stanford Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1998

Starlane Home Corporation Builder/Developer 1992

Starserra Homes Limited Builder/Developer 2001

State Park Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1995

Steel Framing Alliance Service and Professional 2001

Steeles-West Realty Inc. Service and Professional 1984

Sterling Tile & Carpet Sub-Contractor 1965

Stewart Title Guaranty Company Service and Professional 1999

Stinson Developments Builder/Developer 1999

Storybook Homes Builder/Developer 2000

Stratacon Group Inc. Sub-Contractor 2002

Summit View Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1998

Sundance Development Corporation Builder/Developer 1999

Sundial Homes Limited Builder/Developer 1987

Sunfield Homes Builder/Developer 1997

Sunset Decks Inc. Sub-Contractor 1995

Suriano Design Consultants Inc. Service and Professional 1999

Sutton Group Signature Realty Inc. Service and Professional 2002

Systm Network Infrastructure A Division of Entourage Technology Solutions Sub-Contractor

Szoke Design & Construction Renovator 2000

T. Feeley Construction Limited Builder/Developer 1979

T.B.T. Windows & Doors Mfg. Corp. Manufacturer/Supplier 1996

T.C. Structures Inc. Sub-Contractor 2002

T.S. Contracting Ltd. Upright Sign Installations Sub-Contractor 1989

Tabcon Engineering Service and Professional 2002

TABRCO Management Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2001

Taiga Forest Products Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Taps Wholesale Bath Centre Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Tarpin Lumber Incorporated Manufacturer/Supplier 1986

TAS DesignBuild, a division of Morbuild Developments Inc. Builder/Developer

Taurus Craco Woodworking Machinery Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Taylorwood Park Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1999

Taymor Industries Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

TD Canada Trust Financial Services 1973

TD Cornerstone Commercial Realty Inc. Service and Professional 1996

Team 2000 Realty Inc. Service and Professional 1998

Ted Eker – Homelife/Cimerman Real Estate Ltd. Service and Professional 2000

Templehouse Renovations Limited Renovator 2000

Tenant Home Ownership Corporation (THOC) Service and Professional 2002

Teranet Inc. Service and Professional 2000

Terra Media Design Ltd. Service and Professional 1985

Terraventure Realty Group Ltd. Service and Professional 1994

Teskey Concrete Company Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1962

The Bay Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

The Brick-Commercial Sales Division Manufacturer/Supplier 1994

The MBTW Group/Watchorn Architect Inc. Service and Professional 2002

Thornridge Homes Ltd. and Mulock Hills Ltd. Builder/Developer 1973

Thornwood Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 2001

Tiffany Development Builder/Developer 1998

Tiffany Park Homes Builder/Developer 1997

TitlePLUS Service and Professional 1998

Today’s Homes/The Liberal & Era-Banner, Markham Economist, Stouffville Sun
Service and Professional 1997

Toolbox Strategies Inc. Service and Professional 1998

Tor-Bel Group/Avcon Construction Builder/Developer 2002

Torino Drywall Inc. Sub-Contractor 1968

Torkin Manes Cohen Arbus LLP Service and Professional 2000

Torlys Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1995

Tormina Construction Limited Builder/Developer 1989

Toronto Concrete & Drain Limited Sub-Contractor 1982

Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. Service and Professional 1973

Toronto Sun, The Service and Professional 1975

Toronto Window & Door Services Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Total Renovations Inc. Renovator 2000

Touchstone Homes (Laredo Construction Inc.) Builder/Developer 1998

TownWood Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1976

Tradeworld Realty Inc. Service and Professional 1997

TRH Group, The Service and Professional 1997

Tri Continental Capital Ltd. Financial Services 1999

Tribute Communities Builder/Developer 1984

Trican Masonry Contractors Inc. Sub-Contractor 1997

Tridel Corporation Builder/Developer 1962

Trilet Developments Ltd. Builder/Developer 1994

Triloft Developments Ltd. Builder/Developer 1997

Trim Carpenters Supply Manufacturer/Supplier 1996

Trimart Corporation Service and Professional 1973

Triumph Carpet Centre Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1997

Tropical Insulation Sub-Contractor 1984

Trow Consulting Eng. Ltd. Service and Professional 1994

Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd. Sub-Contractor 1995

Trus Joist Manufacturer/Supplier 1995

Trust Tile and Hardwood Corporation Sub-Contractor 1998

Tryad Publishing Inc. Service and Professional 2001

Tubco Whirlpools Limited Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

U.K. Construction Renovator 1996

Uniform Custom Countertops Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Union Energy Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Union Financial Financial Services 2002

Unitec Construction Heat Manufacturer/Supplier 2000

United Building Contractors Limited Builder/Developer 1974

United Rentals of Canada Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

United Window & Door/Division of JELD-WEN Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1967

Uni-Tri Masonry (1989) Limited Sub-Contractor 1997

Urban Design & Renovation Ltd. Renovator 2000

Urban Ecosystems Limited Service and Professional 1990

Urban Renaissance Homes Management Inc. Builder/Developer 2002

Uretek Canada Inc. Sub-Contractor 2002

Valecon Group, The (Valecon Properties Corp. Builder/Developer 1989

Valemont Homes Inc. Builder/Developer 1992

Valleymede Building Corp. Builder/Developer 1993

Vandyk Properties Incorporated Builder/Developer 1992

Velcan Forest Products Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Velux Canada Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Verdiroc Development Corporation Builder/Developer 1993

Vicbar Marketing Limited Service and Professional 2001

Victoria Wood Development Corporation Inc. Builder/Developer 1955

Victory Estates Limited Builder/Developer 1993

Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

View Green Homes (2001) Ltd. (Hullmark Development Ltd. – Trustee) Builder/Developer

Viljoen Architect Inc. Service and Professional 1978

Viscotech International Industries Inc. Sub-Contractor 2002

Vista Homes Builder/Developer 1985

Vistmould Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Visual Reflections Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1998

Vogue Development Group Inc., The Builder/Developer 1993

Vollusia Inc. Service and Professional 2003

Vytron Communications Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Walden Design Build Inc. Renovator 1999

Walder & McSweeney Contracting Ltd. Renovator 1984

Watertite Waterproofers Ltd. Sub-Contractor 2002

Watson Group Ltd., The Sub-Contractor 1979

Weiser Lock Manufacturer/Supplier 1996

Weldan Properties Inc. Builder/Developer 1997

Westmetro Equipment Sales Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd. Manufacturer/Supplier 1988

Whirlpool Canada Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1993

Wilkinson Fireplace Mantels Inc. Sub-Contractor 1997

Will Dunning Inc. Service and Professional 2000

Willow Painting & Faux Finishes Sub-Contractor 2001

Wilsonart Canada Manufacturer/Supplier 1999

Windemere Heights Homes Limited/ Windemere Custom Homes Builder/Developer 1989

Window City Mfrs. Inc. Manufacturer/Supplier 1997

Winick, Repetski & Associates Inc. Service and Professional 1993

Winzen Corporation Limited Builder/Developer 1988

Wolf Steel Ltd./Napoleon Fireplaces Manufacturer/Supplier 2001

Wolff Construction Company Limited Renovator 1997

Woodcastle Construction Ltd. Renovator 2002

Woodcraft Stairs & Railing Manufacturer/Supplier 2002

Write Off the Wall Signs Incorporated Manufacturer/Supplier 1995

Write Stuff Writing Services Service and Professional 2002

Wycliffe Group Limited, The Builder/Developer 1956

Wycliffe International Builder/Developer 1984

Wyecroft Trim Sub-Contractor 1994

X-Sell Realty Ltd. Service and Professional 1999

York Communications Service and Professional 1997

York International Manufacturer/Supplier 1984

Yorkwood Investments Limited Builder/Developer 1976

Zamani Homes Builder/Developer 2002

Zancor Homes Ltd. Builder/Developer 1996

Zanini Developments Inc. Builder/Developer 2000

Zebra Street Advertising Service and Professional 2002

Zuccarini Homes (Mario Zuccarini Construction Limited) Builder/Developer 1997

Reprinted from The Toronto Star May. 4

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