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Simple Online Gasoline Calculator - Converts the cost of gasoline from cents per litre to dollars per gallon

Convert cost of Gasoline from Canadian Dollars and Cents and Tenths of a cent per Litre to Canadian Dollars per Canadian Gallon and Canadian Dollars per US Gallon and US Dollars per US Gallon

Start Here if converting from Litres to Gallons

Cost of Gasoline in ¢/litre
(enter today's amount above)
Enter the cost of gasoline per litre at the pump, if it's currently $1 and 27 cents and 9/10th of a cent per lite, (1.279), then enter 1.279:

(enter today's exhange rate above)

The calculations assume that the Canadian dollar is at par with the US dollar.  If this is not the case and you know the current value of the CDN $ compared to the US $ and you want the most accurate value of the US price, please enter it in this box on the right:

As of March 12, 2015 the value of 0.9832 CND dollars equals 1 US dollar, this means that you should enter 0.9832 to see the values of USD to CDN in the output.  To check today's rate click here

CDN$/CDN Gallon is:
CDN$/US Gallon is:
US$/US Gallon is:

and show the Cost of Gasoline in various formats shown

Conclusion 1:

Thus, if the price of gasoline is USD/USGallon, the difference between Canadian and US gasoline in cents per litre is: Cents, put another way, this figure is the amount that Canadians are paying per litre MORE than people from the US

Start Here if converting from US Gallons to Litres

Maybe you wish to convert from US$ per US Gallon to Canadian Prices, if so enter the cost per US gallon below

You may enter the cost of gasoline in your state in this box, which currently defaults to $3.72/US Gal
(enter today's amount above)

To check current US gasoline prices, click here

Cost of Gasoline in the US
US$/US Gallon is:

CDN$/CDN Gallon is:
CDN$/US Gallon is:
Thus if gasoline is as shown above at US$/US Gallon the equivalent price in Canada in CDN Dollars/Litre:
equivalent price in Canada in Cents/Litre:

Conclusion 2:

The figure above of cents per litre - is the price Americans pay for gasoline per litre, versus the figure of dollars/litre - which is a whopping difference of cents/litre MORE! This is how much MORE the Canadians currently pay for gasoline per litre than Americans!

The calculators above assume the following conversion amounts:

1 Litre = 0.264 gallons(US)
1 gallon (imp) = 4.54609188 Litres
1 gallon (US) = 3.7854118 Litters

$1 US ~ $0.978767 CDN
which results in about US $5.02 per us gal as of June 19, 2011
US$3.72/USGAL back calculates to CDN$0.9619/litre at 0.978767 CDN/US dollar conversion rate as of June 19, 2011

Update: as of December 12, 2012 in southern Ontario we are experiencing a sudden drop in gasoline prices at the pump, today's price is only CDN$1.185 per litre and our CDN dollar exchange rate is above part at $1.01 USD per CDN$ which results in US $4.40 per us gal as
US price of gasoline is about US$3.65/USGAL back calculates to CDN$0.9835/litre at 1.01 US/CDN dollar conversion rate as of December 12, 2012

see the current US and Canadian Gasoline prices

USD/CAD closing rate summary

Year - Month USD -> CAD CAD -> USD
2015-02 1.24988421 0.80007411
2015-01 1.21231429 0.82486861
2014-12 1.15361429 0.86684086
2014-11 1.13315263 0.88249365
2014-10 1.12166818 0.89152926
2014-09 1.10135238 0.90797461
2014-08 1.09219500 0.91558742
2014-07 1.07404091 0.93106323
2014-06 1.08258095 0.92371845
2014-05 1.08885238 0.91839814
2014-04 1.09901905 0.90990234
2014-03 1.11068571 0.90034470
2014-02 1.10606316 0.90410750
2014-01 1.09484545 0.91337092
2013-12 1.06370500 0.94011027
2013-11 1.04902500 0.95326613
2013-10 1.03673182 0.96456960
2013-09 1.03433500 0.96680476
2013-08 1.04054762 0.96103242
2013-07 1.03993636 0.96159730


US$/CAN$ closing rate summary
Date USD -> CAD CAD -> USD
Latest closing 2013-06-14 1.0169 0.9834
Past 12 months
High 2013-05-28 1.0395 0.9620
Low 2012-09-13 0.9683 1.0327
From 1950 to present
High 2002-01-18 1.6125 0.6202
Low 2007-11-06 0.9215 1.0852
Monthly closing, past 12 months
2013-05 1.0368 0.9645
2013-04 1.0075 0.9926
2013-03 1.0160 0.9843
2013-02 1.0314 0.9696
2013-01 0.9973 1.0027
2012-12 0.9949 1.0051
2012-11 0.9936 1.0064
2012-10 0.9990 1.0010
2012-09 0.9832 1.0171
2012-08 0.9857 1.0145
2012-07 1.0029 0.9971
2012-06 1.0181 0.9822


Rates in above table from Bank of Canada website

Below are the exchange rates from 2007 and 2006

All-Time Low/High
October 1950 - present
Low Date: 2002-01-21
1 CAD 0.6179 USD
High Date: 2007-11-07
1 CAD 1.1030 USD
Latest Low/High
Low Date: 2013-06-14
1 CAD 0.9817 USD
High Date: 2013-06-14
1 CAD 0.9865 USD

Highest and lowest CAN/US rates during the period:
2013-06-14 — 2013-06-15

Date Rate
Low 2013-06-14 $1 CAN = $0.9817 US
High 2013-06-14 $1 CAN = $0.9865 US

Rates equal the price of 1 U.S. dollar, in Canadian dollars.
Latest closing rate is updated at about 16:30 ET the same business day.

Use Mobile Version of Gasoline Calculator

Mobile Version

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