Who says... "There are no Guarantees in life"
You will receive Written Guarantees from me!

Mark's Five Written Guarantees When You Sell Your Home
In consideration of our listing agreement on your home, we guarantee the following commitments and services to you.
  1. "EASY EXIT LISTING" ~ If any time (before the offer!) you are not 100% satisfied with Marks services, you can cancel our listing, without further obligation.
  2. "Personal Comparable Market Analysis" ~ Mark will provide you with a detailed computerized market analysis, (not just printouts of listings), to help you in pricing your home to sell.
  3. "COMMITMENT IN WRITING!" ~ A 16-point Marketing System ~In Writing~ for you to follow to ensure you're getting what you signed for, or you can fire him!
  4. "YOUR CALL RETURNED IN 1 HR." ~ If Mark doesn't return your call within one hour of receiving your page, he will reduce your commission by $100 for each occurrence.
  5. "MARK WON'T FORGET YOU!" ~ Mark will call you at least once per week during the currency of the agreement or for every week missed he will take off $200.

Signed, Mark Argentino, P.Eng., Broker

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