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Next Step in the Selling Process

Typical Flowchart of events and sequence when Selling a home

Flow Chart When Selling or Buying a Home
for a Typical Real Estate Transaction

Including New Mortgage Financing

Note: This flow chart is intended as a guide - a thorough consultation with a qualified solicitor is required.

First Step: Finding a home and making an Offer to Purchase. Click here to fill out my informatoin form.

    1. Initially you would have an interview with me (Sales Representative) or one of my team members to discuss your wants and needs and for me to explain the entire buying process to you.
    2. You would visit or call the lender of your choice to obtain mortgage pre-approval.
    3. You and I would conduct a thorough search of the marketplace and find the home of your dreams (easier said than done!).
    4. You would then submit your offer to purchase on the property.  Often you have conditions such as:
      i) Confirmation of mortgage final approval
      ii) Home inspection approval Home Inspection Issues, concerns, tips and information
      iii) Spousal Approval condition or Property Disclosure approval etc.
    5. The offer is negotiated to acceptable terms and conditions for both parties.
    6. Seller accepts Purchaser's offer to purchase.
    7. Your deposit money is placed "in trust" on your behalf in the real estate brokers trust account until the closing.  In Mississauga the deposit is usually between $5,000 and $10,000 depending upon the property value.
    8. Condition removal process: This typically takes from 5 to 10 business days and usually removed in the following order.
      i) Review Property Disclosure & approval.
      ii) Have the home inspected by a professional home inspector and then remove your condition once you are satisfied that the property is in good condition.
      iii) Other conditions met & approved.
      iv) Confirmation of mortgage final approval

      If any of the conditions are found unacceptable to you, the sale can be and usually is voided.
    9. Waiver of conditions; as each condition is met you must remove (waive) the condition(s) from the Offer to Purchase within the predetermined condition removal time period.  If written waivers are not completed and presented to the Seller within the time frame allowed, the agreement of purchase and sale may be voided.
    10. Usual time frame is 3 to 12 days from the time the Offer is accepted to remove all conditions

Step 2: Taking care of the details before your move.

    1. The firm agreement of purchase and sale is delivered by me to your lawyer.Click here to see about buying a home in Mississauga
    2. Often you want to estimate what your moving costs will be.  Click here to use a very handy Moving & Storage Calculator.
    3. About 2 to 3 weeks before the closing you instructs your lawyer how to complete title description. (How you want your names to be registered on the title to your property.)
    4. You make arrangements for transfer & connection of utilities (you can find local phone numbers here), telephone, mail forwarding etc. (A moving checklist is available from me on this website.)
    5. Instructions to prepare mortgage delivered to your lawyer from your financing institution.
    6. The seller's lawyer obtains description of property and prepares transfer deed for execution (signing) by the Seller.
    7. Seller execute (signs) transfer with their Lawyer.
    8. Your Mortgage documentation is prepared and finalized.
    9. The Seller's lawyer delivers transfer of deed and land documents to your lawyer under trust conditions
    10. You need to be sure to arrange for home insurance to cover you & mortgage or you may not be allowed to move into your home until this is finalized and proof is delivered to your lawyer.
    11. Pre-Move Checklist is almost complete
    12. Your Lawyer will calculate the cash balance you will need to close your home purchase, taking into account all adjustments & fees.
    13. Your lawyer delivers this "Statement of Adjustments" to you for your approval and review.
    14. You would then execute (sign) the transfer & mortgage documents & deliver cash difference (balance owing) from the Statement of Adjustments.
    15. Balance owing to the vendor would be forwarded to Seller's lawyer under trust conditions.
    16. Your Lawyer submits transfer and mortgage documents to Land Registry Office for registration
    17. Seller's lawyer receives balance owing and holds it "in trust" pending completion.
    18. Registration of transfer and mortgage obtained - title is now in your name subject to any mortgage you had to get to purchase the property.
    19. Your lawyer requisitions mortgage funds and forwards the mortgage funds to the Seller's lawyer "in trust" that any unacceptable title encumbrances be removed.
    20. Seller's lawyer receives mortgage proceeds and holds "in trust" pending completion.
    21. Seller's lawyer obtains discharge of encumbrances and reports to your lawyer.  Then they pay out the Seller's mortgage, if any.

Step 3: Move in time

  1. The Seller's lawyer releases keys to your solicitor or advises Seller's Agent to release the keys directly to you or me. (Often prior to lawyer receiving mortgage proceeds.) 1 - 2 days before the possession day.
  2. Before or upon receiving the keys you would do a pre or post possession walk through of home.
  3. Copy of acceptable title, in your name is delivered to your lawyer
  4. Your lawyer would also give a final report to your financial institution
  5. Seller's lawyer reports to Seller: accounts for funds received and releases funds to Seller.
  6. You lawyer would give you a final report showing all aspects of the purchase.
    Click here for help with selling your home
  7. The transaction is now complete!

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