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Power of Sale Properties InformationThis page shows a list of all the previous Power of Sale newsletters that I have sent out for Mississauga, Toronto and GTA's Past Bank Sales, Foreclosures, Power of Sales, Mortgage Foreclosures, Distress Sales, Tax Sale Properties, Trust Company and Lenders and Private Mortgagee Sales

Power of Sale , Foreclosure and Bank Sale Properties Page

The most current Power of Sales and Bank Sales listings for Mississauga can be found in the window below:

The List below was generated (as of April 30, 2017 )

 Example of a Luxury Power of Sale Property   Example of a Rural Power of Sale Property   Example of a Mississauga Luxury Property Forecosure Property for Sale   Another type of Power of Sale Property along Mississauga Road in the GTA
You will find that there are many types of the power of sale and foreclosure homes in Mississauga and surrounding areas.  The homes pictured above are similar to many home styles that you will find here in Mississauga and just outside of the GTA.  Let me show you how you can find these types of Power of Sale homes and show you how you can afford to move up to your dream home.  Please email me at info@mississauga4sale.com  Or, you may use this form to sign up to my POS newsletter.


Mississauga4sale.com Power of Sale Properties
Archive of past Power of Sale Newsletters

This page has become obsolete due to all new and current Power of Sale Properties shown at the link below

See all current POS properties at this page

2017 - 2010 Power of Sale Properties

2017 Power of Sale Properties
July 1 to Dec 30 2016
January 1 to June 30th
November 1 to December 30
August 1 to October 31st
June 1 to July 31
May 1 to May 30
April 15 to April 28
April 1 to April 14
March 15 to March 31st
March 1 to March 14th
February 11th to February 28th
February 1st to February 10th
January 14th to January 31st
January 1st to January 13, 2010

2009 Power of Sale Properites

December 14th to December 31 2009
December 1st to December 13
Power of sales from November 16 to November 30
POS November 1 to November 15
POS Oct 15 to October 31st
POS Oct 1 to Oct 14th
POS August 30 to September 16
POS August 12 to August 30
POS July 29 to August 12
POS July 15 to July 29th
POS June 28 to July 15th
POS June 14 to June 28
POS June 7 to June 13
POS June 1 to June 7th
POS properties from May 14 to May 31
POS properties from May 7 to May 13th
POS properties from end of April to May 7th
Second Middle of April 2009 Power of Sale Properties
Middle of April 2009 Power of Sale Properties
First half of April 2009 POS Properties
Last half of March 2009 POS Properties
First half of March 2009 POS Properties
First half of March 2009 POS Properties
February 2009 POS Properties
January 2009 POS Properties
January 2009 later in month
power of sales from RRSI
power of sales from RRSI March April 2009
power of sales from RRSI April May 2009
power of sales from RRSI 4
power of sales from RRSI 5
December 2008

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Power of Sale and Tax Sale properties - questions and answers

Power of Sale and Tax Sale properties - questions and answers

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What is a Power of Sale Property?

In Ontario when a borrower defaults on a home mortgage, the bank/lender most often attempts to recover its losses by selling the property using the Power of Sale clause contained in the mortgage.  Due to legal fees, foregone interest and other property expenses, the estimated losses to the bank for Power of Sale properties can range from 10 percent to 30 percent of the outstanding loan balances.  There are other variables that can affect the losses or costs when a property is sold via power of sale such as the deterioration of the property and the time it takes to process the paperwork.

Definition of Power of Sale:  A clause commonly inserted in a mortgage and deed of trust that grants the creditor or trustee the right and authority, upon default in the payment of the debt, to advertise and sell the property through any means at it's disposal, usually MLS in Ontario or at public auction, without resorting to a court for authorization to do so.

Once the creditor is paid out of the net proceeds, the property is transferred by deed to the purchaser, and the surplus, if any, is returned to the debtor.  The debtor is thereby completely divested of any interest in the property and has no subsequent Right of Redemption (recovery of property by paying the mortgage debt in full).

You will often see advertisements about Court Auctions, Pre-Foreclosures, Homeowners in Bankruptcy, HUD Homes, VA Homes, Government homes and similar sounding wording.  In my experience, some of these types of investment property opportunities come out of the US and are not as common here in Ontario.  In our trading area, most of the POS, Tax Sale properties or foreclosure properties are put on the MLS.  The reason for this is that our provincial laws are very strict about the procedure and marketing of a power of sale property and the company or person who is initiating the power of sale must do their best to obtain what is called TRUE market value as opposed to fair market value for the property, otherwise if the property is sold too far under TRUE market value, the owner could sue them for the difference.



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Power of Sale and Tax Sale properties - questions and answers

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