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Frequently Asked Questions about how to Submit your site to this directory of Cites and Towns - as of June 2015 directory submissions are no longer accepted as the directory is full! :-)

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How do I submit my site to your directory?

You navigate to this page and enter all your relevant information and press submit.  We will review your information and payment arrangements and then approve your website.

How many agents are you allowing in each city/town/region/area?

There are only two agents allowed per city/town/region/area as shown in the directory.  If you think that your area should be split into further sub areas then please send me an email with your request and I will consider your request.  On the other hand, if you feel that your area should be combined with other areas, please email me and let us know what areas you feel should be combined and I will consider that too.

You have the choice of submitting your site to either one area or three. 

What is the cost to submit my site to your directory?

There is no longer an annual subscription fee as the directory is no longer taking submissions.

Remember, the first and foremost purpose of this directory is to allow agents to have other high tech agents in other cites and towns to send their referrals to.  The second and other important reason for you to have your site in this directory is to improve your traffic and referrals from the public who will be able to locate your site for a particular city and town.

How do I make payment to you?

No payment necessary

Are there any additional costs or fees?

There are no additional fees or costs over and above what you pay per year to have your site appear in this directory.  The referral arrangements between you and the other agent that you send the referral to are between you and the other agent, as is typical in this industry.

If you receive a direct lead or referral from this directory directly from the public, there are no additional fees or costs to you.  You get to keep the entire commission without having to pay any referral fees whatsoever.

Who can join this directory?

This referral directory is for all high tech agents such as yourself and will serve as your personal agent contact list for any referrals that you have to give across the country or around the world.  You can be confident that if you send a referral to another city that the agent at the other end is very email savvy and internet capable and will respond to your lead and referral almost immediately.  This will ensure your referrals are followed up upon and this will improve the chances that your referral will lead to a listing or a sale and eventually a referral fee.  Your referral client will have their needs taken care of by a high tech qualified agent at the other end and your will get paid for your efforts too - this is really what it's all about - a win-win situation for your client and you.

What are the membership requirements to be included in this directory?

Is there a fee to send a referral to any agent in the directory?

There is no fee for an agent in one city who uses this directory to find you to send the referral to.  This is an added benefit to you.  Anyone will be able to find you within this directory and they will know that you are a high tech agent and a person who will handle their referral immediately.What will you get for joining this agent to agent referral directory?

  • An extensive nationwide referral source, including U.S. Canadian and International Relocation agents.
  • Personal profile page introducing you to prospects worldwide.
  • Personal e-mail contact form to help visitors quickly reach you with referrals.
  • A link to your Web site to further promote your business.
  • Each membership comes with it's own referral page which links to your current website and includes your bio, specialties, testimonials, etc.  View Sample

How can I verify if my city/town/area is still available?

Browse to this page and find your city or town or area and see if there are one or two agents within your area.  If there is only one agent or no agents at present, this means that your area is available and you may sign up to be included within that area.  I will process requests for area(s) on a first come first serve basis.  If you fill out the application for your area and someone else is ahead of you in the processing queue your payment will be returned in full without deduction.

View our top 10 ranking in google, you will see that this directory is committed to helping you receive referrals.

Will your directory be included in the google directory?

We will make all of our pages and directory such that your site and the pages that it appears on within this directory will be cached with google and any other search engine that spiders this site.  I will submit this site to all the major search engines to ensure that it get's indexed with them and that this site is updated on a regular basis.


Submit your website and information to our directory

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