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My quest to be the Number One website in Google for Real Estate in Mississauga

NAR (Nation Associate of Realtors) just published the latest home buyer statistics and they found that 90% of buyers use the internet to find their home.  Read the report here from NAR This means that now more than ever, you must use a real estate agent who has a very strong and far reaching website that attracts many buyers on a daily basis in order to mazimize your internt exposure and help get you the most buyers and highest price for your home.

On the previous page, when I said, go ahead and try it, I am talking about the fact that this is the real deal.  Browse to google.com and type in any of these phrases or just click the link: Mississauga homes for sale or mississauga houses or buy a house in mississauga and you will see that mississauga4sale.com comes up first on the list. 

As well, I am not cheating.  You will notice that none of the phrases or words above are surrounded by quotation marks.  Some websites will proclaim number one in an area of website results and then they will tell you for which carefully crafted phrase that must be surrounded by brackets.  When you do a search on google.com (or any search engine for that matter) and if you surround the words by quotes, the search engine returns only the results that contain exactly the phrase you have typed in.

Go ahead and try it.  Browse to google.com and type in any of these phrases or just click the link:home for sale, sellers, listings, mls canada, real estate property, mississauga ontario canada, multiple listing service, high tech resource and mortgage interest rates mississauga houses or mississauga properties or buy a house in mississauga or Mississauga homes for sale and you will see that mississauga4sale.com almost always comes up near the top of the list.  This is no accident.  This is due to more than 17 years of developing and optimizing this website to achieve these high ranking results which only benefits you when selling or buying a home

How does this affect a seller like you?  If you are thinking of listing your house for sale and you want to maximize your exposure on the internet to well over 3/4 of all prospective buyers who are searching for a home in Mississauga, wouldn't you want to do it with the top website in Mississauga?

You owe it to yourself to give your home maximum exposure with this website, the one website that will drive the most buyers in all of Mississauga to view your house online.  We have buyers constantly checking my new listings and emailing me for more details.  Your home can have this exposure too.  Shall we begin?


Try it.  For example, if you go to google and type Successful communication skills -especially with other agents you get about 1.5 million results, and my site is not even in the top 100, but then you type in the same phrase but this time the phrase is contained in quotes, "Successful communication skills -especially with other agents" you only get 4 results, and they are all from my website!  This is one method that agents and marketers use to 'skew' the results and make you think that their site is much higher in the ranking than it really is. 

Seldom do people put quotes around their search unless they are trying to find something very specific.  (BTW- as an aside, this is how I find other agents and people who plagiarize and copy information from my site and add it on their site, all information that I add to my site and upload to the internet is copyright)  Thus, be careful about the claims that others make about ranking number one for a particular phrase, if it's in quotes, it's quite easy to achieve a top ten ranking.

You can see the screen-shot below taken on November 11, 2010 showing a search in google.com for mississauga homes for sale, (not surrounded by quotation marks), that my site comes up number 1 out of 586,000 possible sites:
Number 1 site on google.com

You have found "The Ultimate High-Tech Resource for Intelligent Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in Mississauga" © (TM) When I say this, I am not kidding.

I have spent over 18 years (since July 1996) researching, reading, testing, developing and implementing ideas and techniques that help raise this website to the Number 1 position on google.com  The Purpose of this lofty goal was (and still is) to obtain the highest amount of real estate related internet traffic possible to my website, which would generate the most interest from prospective buyers of my sellers listings.  The bottom line has always to get my sellers listings sold at the best price and terms.

This has not been an easy task to achieve.  In a nutshell, the main reason why my site ranks so high in google is because of good quality content.  For example, my listings page, listings.htm gets about 180 buyers per day that browse the listings shown on that page.  That may not sound like much, but if only 2 out of 10 of those potential buyers is searching for a house similar to your home shown on this page and if only 1 out of those 10 buyers likes your house, that generates at least 1 or 2 inquires a day.  And that's 1 to 2 inquires per day just from one page on my site.  There are many other pages that will generate potentially interested purchasers for your home.

I have well over 10,600 potential buyers in my email database that I send out my monthly real estate newsletter to.  When they are ready to make their purchase, your home is shown to them on a continuous basis until it is sold.

OK, enough of some of the benefits of listing with the number one website in Mississauga.  How did I achieve this?

As I have said above, it's content that drives people to my site.  And it's content that keeps people on my site for longer than most other websites.  There is no real estate website that I have seen in Mississauga or Toronto (or anywhere for that matter) that has over 700 unique pages of content and information.  What website, other than this one, gives you all the information about buying or selling a home all for free, without demanding your name and email address ahead of time?  What website gives you the street addresses of all the MLS listings shown?  This one does because I am here to market and sell your home, not just pick up potential buyers.  What website, other than this one, gives you the real truth and inside information about buying and selling your next home?  Not just "fluff"  but, the entire process, from start to finish with advice and information at every step of the way.  Do you want proof, see selling or buying your next home.

Another method that I use for achieving top spot on google is through trading links with other legitimate real estate websites from all over North America and the world.  This in turn generates traffic and inquires and buyers from all over North America and from abroad.  One example is that my site has generated many interested purchasers from Britain.  Recently one flew over and purchased a home through my team of buyer specialist agents.  In my mind, that is the ultimate achievement of my main goal for producing this website, to get my clients homes sold.

Sometimes, I will have other agents in my office who complain to me that my site keeps popping up as number one for a particular search term that they are using.  I like this

Many agents go to my site to calculate land transfer tax for their clients, go figure!  Makes me happy, I wonder if they sometimes direct their clients to my site for these calculators, I wouldn't complain   :-))

Bottom Line:

Good quality content

So, I go back to the original purpose of my website and how does this help you when you are selling a home?  More traffic to your listing on my website means more buyers, more showings and a quicker sale at the best price and terms that you want.  And this is the truth.

I invite any further inquires about this subject to email me.

I wish you all the best,


This is another screen-shot below, taken on February 9, 2011, showing if you search the two word phrase mls homes (not in quotations) on google.ca my site comes up as number 2 out of 44 million websites, in the world!  My site is only second to mls.ca - think of the traffic this will bring to your listing if you are listed with me, all this for no extra charge!

Search mls homes on Google.ca and my site comes up #2, only behind mls.ca! That's out of 44 million possible websites! Think of how this will  improve traffic to your house when you list with me! :-)

This is another screen-shot below, taken on November 11, 2010, showing if you search the two word phrase mls homes not in quotations on google.ca my site comes up as the 3rd site out of 15,800,000 possible sites, in the world!  My site is only second to mls.ca and realtor.com  think of the traffic this will bring to your listing if you are listed with me!
search mls homes on google.ca and my site is number 3 in the world

Online buyers mean it's important to be number one on Google

Remember (and this is the truth and what it's all about) -   "As a Professional Real Estate Agent, my job is to provide you with all the information so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family. " © Mark

The Ultimate HighTech Resource for Intelligent Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in Mississaug Welcome to mississauga4sale.com
"The Ultimate High-Tech Resource for Intelligent Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in Mississauga" © (TM)

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